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Our high-pressure/high-temperature automated cleaning machines have the capacity to clean up to 50 tanks a day.

The automated cleaning machines all feature a double heater for continuous high-temperature operation. High-pressure hand lances are able to clean the exteriors of the ISO tanks efficiently, while the spinner head is specifically aimed for Butterworth interior cleaning. Steam boilers are also available for heat cargo or residue heating.

High-pressure pumps are environmentally friendly as it allows low water consumption cleaning operation. Also, through the use of our hybrid biological-chemical wastewater treatment plant, we are able to further reduce any additional impact to the environment.

Our in-house repair team of trained and qualified welders and tank repair specialists ensure that we not only provide competitive pricing, but also the best repair quality. In line with our promise of transparency, reliability, and accountability, every tank container is documented and photographed at its point of entry and release from the depot, also before and after repair. We also conduct three-level checks for cleaning and leak proofing.

With our comprehensive range of services, we are able to cater to your business needs. Find out more about our full-range of services below:

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