GETH Provides A Wide Range Of Professional Tank Services


We have the facilities to clean a wide variety of last cargo residues, including but not limited to:

• General Cargo
• Food Grade
• Specialty Chemicals
• Acids / Solvents
• Other flammables (Class 3)
• Other corrosives (Class 8)
• Other hazard (Class 9)
• Toxic Materials (Class 6) – available soon

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We are able to assist you with all of your testing needs, including:

• Leak free test
• Valve sealing test
• Periodic Hydrostatic Pressure Test
• Non-destructive Test (NDT) including DPT, MPI, Radiographic
• Load Test
• Lining Spark Test

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We provide the highest technical repair works fully compliant with international standards e.g. ISO, DNV, ITCO & ASME.

• Frame repair - metal cutting & class welding works, insertion, sectioning.
• Barrel repair - e.g. realignment, shell straightening, shell insertion, mounting repairs, interior rust and pitting repairs, surface repairs including pickling/passivation.
• Steam tube repair
General repairs - e.g. decal/logo renewal, walkway & ladder repair, etc
• Modification engineering work
• Pressure Relief Valve testing, calibration, repair or renewal

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We provide the following refurbishing services:

• Cladding & insulation repair
• Insulation repair and refurbishing
• Total or partial recladding works
• Total or partial reinsulation works
• Reconditioning paintwork

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Our Tuas depot is equipped with full concrete flooring to support your business' long-term equipment storage needs. We also accept equipment for short~medium term storage.

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Other Services

We are also able to provide these other value added services to support your urgent business needs:

• Cargo heating
• Trans-loading
• Decanting to drum/IBC
• Full drumming services
• External on-site inspection/repair services
• Laden storage

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